I am glad I finally got my website up and running by GDL. I had a great experience from conceptual planning to final constructed site by GDL's owner. The contract's scope of service was well defined, professionally arranged, understandable, and easy to sign via email. During design process, I was asked by designers for review and comments prior to my approval of a final layout and they continued this process back and forth joyfully until I was perfectly satisfied. I am very happy with the final product and the website is up and running!!! 
I highly recommend GDL for their services.


Mary Joe created my new company logo, branding package, and beautiful business cards. I'm grateful for everything she did!! She is incredibly talented, thoughtful, and has a wonderful design aesthetic. Thanks again!!




Graphic Design Labs saved me a lot of time doing all the research to give me a great website faster than I ever thought. I definitely would recommend this company to anyone needing a web design.



Mary Joe at Graphic Design Labs is a gifted web designer that has always impressed me with her beautiful websites. Her design consistently goes above and beyond the usual website and her work carefully reflects her clients' brand. She works hard, is creative, is a pleasure to work with and I'm happy to recommend her.




Mary Joe Arias Is such an enthusiastic individual and good at what she does. She promised me a phenomenal website on a deadline and she delivered. I have signed up for additional social media service and the feed back is incredible. I highly recommend Graphic Design Labs to anybody who is looking to design a website for their business. I tried to cut expenses but realized that I had to find an experienced webmaster and I found her. I had a very cool logo to begin with and she went in and made look incredible.




Working with GDL was a fantastic experience. They took my vision for my logo and turned it in to a reality. They were thoughtful, they communicated and were prompt. I couldn't be happier and can't ask for much more than the service they provided. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anybody in need of design services.



What a pleasure working with GDL and Mary Joe. Mary Joe redesigned my website and did such a fantastic job with all aspects of it. She knew exactly the layout that would best work for my content and truly understood what my business needed to take the website to the next level. Would definitely recommend!



GDL did an exceptional job building our logo, intuitively capturing the message of our vision. We were treated presidentially, although we are just getting started and have no clout in the community yet. GDL staff is dedicated and easy to work with. I have not seen such dedication in any business in many years. Choose GDL for your graphic design needs, and you will always receive an awesome, professional looking product you will be proud to display.


As a Creative Agency, Graphic Design Labs is Primarily Dedicated to Creating, Planning, and Handling

Custom UX Design Projects for Web and Mobile Development.

We handle overall design, branding strategies, innovative ideas, and software development solutions. 


Graphic Design Labs boasts a track record of success for clients in achieving increased online traffic and revenue gains after implementing a strategic overall re-design in branding and user-friendly mobile experiences.  


At Graphic Design Labs we have a global view of comprehensive brand identity and marketing with over 8+ years of experience, dedication, and contribution to our community in Design​ and​ Website Development.


We bring together strategy, design, and functionality, producing beautiful user-friendly and call-to-action experiences

to further enhance our client's brand. 

We strive to help ambitious leaders define compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences, and innovate new brand-led products and services. Receive a free design consultation and proposal, targeted to identify exactly what you want and need. At Graphic Design Labs we provide this service as part of our method to get to know you better as a client and shape the direction of our design suggestions.​ 


We strive to assist all local and large scale businesses to amplify their online web presence by providing them with tools that engage and convert new and existing clients. We are here to offer our skills and experience to help grow and develop businesses and brands. We provide value with a complete range of design and marketing solutions to improve and enhance the impact of a brand in the marketplace. 

Mary Joe Arias

Creative Director


UX/UI Designer 

Creative Director / Owner 

Mary Joe Arias


Studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, and proceeded to work in fast upscale, and creative professional environments.

With a 5 Star Rating and over 10+ years of Professional Experience helping businesses amplify their web presence and brand. As a creative graphic designer, she is primarily dedicated to innovation, creativity, and call-to-action experiences in branding and custom UX/UI design projects for web and mobile development.


Graphic Design Labs was founded in January 2017. She is committed and dedicated to making an impact on the overall experience for her clients and the companies she serves. 


Owner Mary Joe Arias has received numerous awards for Outstanding Leadership from the Women's International Leadership Association and Nominated for her Design Work as a Graduate from the Academy of Art University.

She strives to help ambitious leaders define compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences, and innovate new brand-led products and services. Specializing in New Brand Identity, Marketing Campaigns, Custom Web Design, Visually Engaging Graphics, Social Media Management, and SEO.


Assisting all local and large scale businesses to amplify their online web presence by providing them with tools that attract, engage, and convert new and existing clients.


She is here to offer her wide range of skills and experience as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.


Her mission is to help grow and develop businesses and brands, providing value with a complete range of design solutions to improve and enhance the impact of a brand in the marketplace.

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