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Hi!  Welcome To My Portfolio and Agency 

I’m a graduate from The Academy of Art University, an artist based in Austin, Texas producing professionally since 2008 with nominated artwork and innovative design helping entrepreneurs bring their vision to life and corporate companies elevate their branding across the USA. 

Through collaboration with a diverse range of clients & varied industries, we explore the function, encourage interaction, and successfully differentiate narratives through the visualization of our design work.

fascinated with how a creative outlook plays a vital role in life – 


                                                                                            a great meal, a hit song, an


inspired building, to a business card that’s a conversation – spirits her to tease out, dream up, and inspire the pursuit of great ideas.


 Mary Joe



Graduate of The Academy of Art University


We’re a team of award-winning strategists, creatives, designers, developers, writers, illustrators,  who build brands for the digital age. We specialize in bringing digital identities into the real world.




Lets  Dive  In!

Here are all the ways you can work with me . . .



Brand Discovery Solutions

Brand-building involves identity development, logo creation, brand architecture, and the implementation of a brand messaging framework. These combine to tell your brand story.

Determining the essence of your brand starts with an intentional discovery effort that focuses on your company’s values to build a brand that will resonate with your target audience.

Package Design

Make your brand memorable through unique and ownable packaging

Well-designed, meaningful packages attract consumers. After all, the packaging is often the consumer’s only tangible, physical interaction with your brand. 

Modeled after Nielsen’s BASES, we focus on the three main factors relevant to attracting consumers:

  1. Catch Attention

  2. Connect Message

  3. Clearly Communicate

Logo Design 

Creating A Distinctive Identity For Your Brand

A brand’s logo is part of a holistic identity system that is oftentimes the first thing that a customer will see about a company. Logo design and identifying development are core to making the right impression for your target audience.

As a leading logo design agency, we will help you build a lasting impression that tells the story of your brand. Our professional logo design services create a perfect mix of fonts, colors, shapes, and other customs aesthetic graphical elements to create a unique and attractive logo.

Website Development

Custom Website Design, Building and Scaling Packages with Added Agency Services and Security

Whether you’re developing a new product, concepting a new campaign, developing a new website, or bringing an idea to market, proper creative direction and creative leadership can be a key differentiator in bringing your ideas to life and helping to drive brand awareness across your project from start to finish.


Creative direction is a key role in almost every project. The part of a project where Design, Strategy, Technology, and Art direction intersect, its purpose is to connect the various aspects of a project while ensuring the bottom line is never out of sight — guiding, owning, and nurturing a project in a way that reinforces a customer’s experience across the entire brand lifecycle.


Graphics By The Hour

Working with Laptop

Use flex hours for marketing copy, website graphics or social media graphic posts 

Our Flex-Hours can be used for Website Copy Writing, Small Updates, Any Website Graphics, Blog Updating or Social Media Graphics Work you need done and would like to pay as you go by the hour.

Monthly Memberships are available at a reduced flat rate. 


Why Us? 

At Graphic Design Labs, we’re all about the user experience. We design beautiful, compelling, and functional designs and websites that make it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive at your site and then convert them into paying customers. It’s about creating an online experience that transforms users into followers, customers into ambassadors.

We do this by listening to you, understanding your target audience, and putting our extensive online knowledge to work on a plan that will improve your business goals and change the way you think about the potential of the internet.

We’re a team of award-winning strategists, creatives, designers, developers, writers, illustrators,  who build brands for the digital age. We specialize in bringing digital identities into the real world.

We are committed and dedicated to making an impact on the overall experience for our clients and the companies we serve. 



Recommendations  and   Testimonials


Michelle Amriel

I highly recommend Mary Joe and her Graphic Design Labs Agency! Mary Joe did an amazing job rebranding my company, creating a beautiful Logo that represents my true essence, meaning behind my brand, and a lot of brainstorming and careful thought was put into the design elements. If you’re looking for a graphic designer to design your website to go above and beyond to give you something you love and what looks and feels like you, this is your woman. I was delighted by her level of detail and how intuitive her ideas fit into what I was looking for. I loved how I could relax and trust and let her do the leading. “

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